The danger of ‘boys will be boys’


This video, which outlines the danger of dismissive phrases that excuse inexcusable behaviour – such as ‘boys will be boys’ – is well worth the 3-minute watch.

It’s delivered by Truth Bomb Mom (aka Kristina Kuzmic) – a very smart, very funny woman who just happens to be a mother of two boys and a girl.

Kristina drops some serious truth bombs on the ‘boys will be boys’ issue from a parent’s perspective. Here’s one that particularly resonates with Understanding Boys:

“In my opinion, ‘boys will be boys’ is the biggest insult to men. Because ‘boys will be boys’ implies they can’t help it. They can’t help what they say, or what they think or how they act. They’re just born that way.

“It also implies that they have no self control and that they have no power over their own actions. And if you have no self control and no power, that doesn’t make you manly, it makes you weak.”

Let’s be clear – Kristina’s video is not a rant against men. Far from it. It’s a rant against the language of gender inequality that’s become entrenched in our society.

It’s also a plea to parents. To stop perpetuating dangerous attitudes. To take a stand and make a change. To help ensure our sons (who will someday be someone’s husband, partner, friend and/or father) are thoughtful and respectful of others, and become men who are worthy of respect.

Keep dropping those truth bombs Kristina.

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