Creating authentic, motivated and connected young men

About masculinity

Is it toxic, does it lead to ill-health for boys and young men, is it linked to violence? In boys and men there are higher rates of aggression, violence and suicide and poorer school engagement. What society has been doing isn’t working.

Something is missing and new approaches are needed. We believe now is the time to encourage the development of Positive Masculinity.

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In our introductory webinar, we'll present the research behind the +M Positive Masculinity Model with practical applications for parents and caregivers. We've partnered with leading experts in the field to bring together a practical model for lasting change.

+M: Introducing Positive Masculinity

Creating authentic, motivated and connected young men


What is Positive Masculinity?

Put simply, it’s the expression of attitudes and behaviours (character strengths and virtues which any gender might have) that have been embodied and enacted by males for the common good, both individually and for the community.

Positive Masculinity is a perspective that emphasises the strengths and beneficial aspects of a masculine identity.

The pressure to achieve, prove and maintain one’s masculinity remains constant for boys and young men.

Intervention and positive guidance are necessary to offset the current social depiction of masculinity, where men are commonly depicted as aggressive or violent, unemotional, and non-nurturing.

Positive masculinity is a way to change the conversation.

Shortlist: Best New Men's Health Initiative 2021

We’re proud to be shortlisted for the Best New Men’s Health Initiative for 2021 for our work on this +M Positive Masculinity Framework project.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum awards recognise the work of many amazing organisations that are dedicated to improving the lives and health of men and boys.


The Panel

Presented by Dr Ray Swann, the following experts will contribute to the discussion and share their knowledge about how a +M Positive Masculinity Model can be applied in schools and for parents and caregivers. 

  • The Host Dr Ray Swann

    Dr Ray Swann, PhD, is Deputy Headmaster, Head of Crowther at Brighton Grammar and is responsible for wellbeing programs from early learning through to VCE. Dr Swann has transformed BGS into a place of exchange to develop healthy and balanced social, emotional, physical, and intellectual habits for students, parents, and teachers.

  • Panellist Dr Kylie King

    Dr Kylie King, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. She is a registered Psychologist and an expert in men’s mental health research with a focus on the relationship between traditional masculinity and suicide. 

    Listen to Kylie on the UB Podcast

  • Panellist Dr Simon Rice

    Dr Simon Rice, PhD, is an Associate Professor and a Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist. He leads the Young men’s mental health work stream at Orygen (The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health) where he is developing new ways to engage and support young men experiencing mental ill-health. 

    Listen to Simon on the UB Podcast

  • Contributors Dr Matt Englar-Carlson and Dr Judy Chu

    Dr Matt Englar-Carlson, PhD, is a professor of counselling and the Director of the Center for Boys and Men at California State University, Fullerton. Dr Englar-Carlson’s work focuses on educating and training professionals about male mental health needs as well as how to work more effectively with boys and men.

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    Dr Judy Chu, PhD, is a lecturer in Human Biology at Stanford University.  Her doctorate was attained at Harvard where she researched boys’ gender socialisation, relationships and development during early childhood and adolescence.  Judy is the co-author of When Boys Become Boys, which offers a new way of thinking about a boy’s development. 

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We’ve partnered with global leaders in youth mental health research with a shared vision to ensure good mental health in young people.