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Jim Lawrie

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S1: Jim Lawrie

In this episode we speak with musician – singer/songwriter Jim Lawrie. For the past decade Jim has made a name for himself as an emerging independent artist – his latest album Slacker of the  Year has drawn critical acclaim with The Music magazine saying ‘he should be considered one of this decade’s finest songwriters’.

Jim Lawrie’s songs explore a range of ideas and emotions from love, loss to the joy and wonder of life.  As a multi-instrumentalist (originally a drummer, then guitarist and singer) his music creates sonic images reminiscent of bands like Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne and Neil Young.


01:06 – Introduction
02:02 – Feels Like it Happened in a Dream
03:01 – What goes into making an album
10:15 – Creativity and process
12:40 – Art making: counter-cultural?
15:33 – Slacker of the Year
24:37 – Would he do things differently?
25:54 – Loss and disconnection, mental health
29:43 – Ties That Bind
30:20 – The role of art in working out emotions
34:24 – Advice to parents of aspiring musicians/artists
39:35 – What makes a good man
40:56 – A story he’d tell a 14 year old boy


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Season 1

10 episodes
Episode 10

Jim Lawrie

This podcast will be a little different to our usual format we’ll explore Jim’s artistry as a young man, talk about growing up and his thoughts on masculinity.

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