Emma Murray

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S3: E13 Emma Murray

Emma Murray is one of Australia’s leading mindfulness practitioners and high-performance mind coaches. As a former national-level athlete and with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Psych, Emma has always been passionate about the mind and performance.

Emma works with elite athletes in all sports, corporate executives and companies, students and actors. Her work has played pivotal roles in Richmond Football Club’s 2017, 2019 and 2020 AFL Premierships, Dustin Martin’s three Norm Smith Medals and Brownlow medal, and Scott McLaughlin’s 2018, 2019 and 2020 V8 Supercar Championship wins and his 2019 Bathurst 1000 win.

Emma is also mother to Will, a teenage boy who was destined to be an elite athlete but suffered a tragic accident that left him with a quadriplegic injury. Emma has guided Will’s rehabilitation and rebuilt his and her own vision for the future. She draws parallels between life changing lessons, from the challenges of living with spinal cord injury to finding peak performance in sport, business and life.

In this episode Emma talks about her own story, about being a mum and some of the challenges she has faced, and what we can gain by thinking about not only who we are but how we think about who we are.


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01:00 – Guest Intro
01:55 – What her past year looked like
03:47 – Optimism and leading through tough times
07:50 – Advice for handling overwhelming feelings
16:14 – Routine circuit breakers in your schedule
19:17 – Bring energy in
25:21 – Mindfulness practices, steps forward
39:29 – Stress and athletes
43:38 – Stress and students, performance moments
47:09 – Accessing HPM
51:31 – What makes a good man
54:04 – What story she would share with a young boy




Brought to you by Brighton Grammar School