Helping our boys to be life ready

As parents, it’s important that we help our boys to learn skills, attitudes and behaviours to be life ready, to be good men. But how?

The Crowther Centre suggests there are three elements for young men and boys to develop positive masculinity in their lives. 

Namely, that they are authentic, connected and motivated.

Authentic – that boys and young men are confident and content, kind and compassionate in their sense of self.

Connected – that boys have relationships formed on respect and trust

Motivated – to continually grow and to be a good person

The overall goal is that we want our boys and young men to base their decisions on the collective wisdom and practice of what it is to be a good person.

So how as parents can you help?

• Foster open and honest communication with your son.

• Help your son feel supported and create an environment where he feels free from judgement for sharing his concerns and fears and feels comfortable to share, empathise and connect.

• Encourage personal expression and support your son in being his true and authentic self.

• Challenge harmful stereotypes, define positive values and model the type of behaviours and attitudes you want to encourage.

• Assist your son in finding positive role models – perhaps in your family, community or even in the media who demonstrate healthy and respective ways to be a healthy young man




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