Fuelling young bodies

Getting kids to eat well can be a challenge. Busy schedules, picky eaters, and so many unhealthy food options available can mean they sometimes miss out on the nutrition they need to grow and thrive.

Here are some strategies that can help encourage healthy eating habits and make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone:

  • Involve kids in meal planning and preparation to give them a sense of ownership and control over what they eat
  • Limit processed and sugary foods, which can be high in calories and low in nutrients
  • Create a positive and relaxed atmosphere at mealtimes by avoiding distractions, such as electronics or TV
  • Encourage your child to try new foods in a non-judgmental way
  • Model good eating habits yourself
  • Avoid power struggles over food by respecting your child’s preferences and appetite, and by allowing them to decide how much they want to eat

Try to be patient and consistent in your approach. You can find more ideas in our Understanding Boys nutrition position paper.

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