Are today’s teens better behaved than you were?


Finally, some good news for parents of adolescents: teenagers today are drinking less alcohol, smoking fewer cigarettes and using less illicit drugs than their parents did at the same age.

These statistics are welcome, but we certainly shouldn’t see this as a cue to ease up on educating our kids. In fact, it’s been suggested that more open channels of communication between parents and their offspring, as well as easier access to information via the internet, could be part of the reason why teens are less inclined to drink, smoke and use drugs.

If you haven’t already had ‘that chat’, here are some tips to help you talk to your teenage son about drugs and alcohol.

I’m not sure what this data says about us Gen X parents, but it’s definitely a trend that’s worth celebrating (though maybe not with a stiff drink).  



Infographic information supplied by 360edge, specialists in alcohol and other drugs.

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