10 resolutions for becoming a more grateful parent

Am I a grateful parent?


Sometimes. Only sometimes.

Other times I get so caught up in the next step that I forget to be grateful for what’s right in front of me.

I’ve been busy you see. That horrible busy where you feel like you’re always a step behind where you should be.

Where you want to move forward but you feel like your feet are stuck in the mud.

Where you resort to yelling because you just don’t have time to negotiate sandwich fillings, iPad quotas or putting on jackets.

And in the midst of ‘that busy’, it’s hard to make time for gratitude.

But at his student-led conference this week, I listened to my son for 10 whole minutes. He read me a story he’d writtten with so much passion and pride that he took me out of my future-focused, catastrophising ‘busy brain’ and plonked me down firmly in the moment.

And in that moment, I was so grateful to him, and for him.

Perhaps it’s time to put ‘busy’ back in its place, and put these 10 resolutions for becoming a more grateful parent back where they belong – at the top of my ‘to-do’ list.


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