Why being lazy is good for your son

“Can I do Auskick on the weekend mum?” I paused for a moment. Should I be honest (standing about freezing at 8am on Saturday is my idea of a hell)? Or lie (it’s full – maybe next year)?

I went with honest: “We do so much darling. Lego club, basketball, swimming lessons. We’re always rushing around and at the weekends, we need to chill out a bit. Hang out in our PJs. Play. Go for a walk…”

He seemed happy with that (apart from the walk). Which was a relief because I love the weekends. And not just because I get to drink 2 lattes before I get in the shower.

I love that we don’t have to rush.

I’m not yelling at my sons to put their shoes on, pack their bags or get in the car. There’s no Mexican standoff for a parking spot at school. I’m not hurrying to work, make-up half done, praying to the traffic gods.

And, because we’re not rushing, I get to find out how my boys are doing. They relax. And then they talk. They tell me about their friends and what they’re doing at school. They share their stories and their worries and their best moments. There’s even time for extra cuddles.

So it was nice to hear that two of my favourites, Steve Biddulph and Constance Hall, back me on this love of lazy weekends. This interview with two of Australia’s best-known parents is all about the benefits of slowing down.

What’s on this weekend? Not much actually. And I’m more than OK with that.


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