What does it take to be a good man these days?

We asked our Understanding Boys community for their ideas on what it takes to be a good man these days. Our thanks to the many of you who took the time to offer your insights. Here are the top responses:

Be your best self, always placing honesty and integrity at the forefront of everything you do. Know that to be a good man requires taking responsibility for all the events in your life, your actions, and even circumstances that may at first seem out of your control. This approach to life will turn you into a real man, a good man, and one who will attract the love of friends and family, and respect from all those he meets throughout his life.     

Oleg P.             

To be a good man you need to actively listen, treat people right, have respect and manners. Learn as mistakes of the past are lessons for the future. Focus on a goal and you will attract positivity and have something to strive for. Show leadership and courage and build resilience. Things aren’t going to be easy but “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.    

Caterina B.   

As a young male teacher I talk to boys about integrity. They can be dealt a tough hand and circumstances might not be in their favour at times, but how they conduct themselves in those moments will shape the man they grow into. We speak about integrity in their actions with others and when no-one is looking; consciously choosing the right thing. Male by birth but man by choice.     

James P.                 

It takes a good man to make mistakes and learn from them. We guide our children with this principle and although it may seem difficult sometimes, it is evidently more beneficial to guide them to make the right choices rather than punish them for making minor mistakes when we as adults continue to do so also!           

Lorna R.


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