First steps for keeping under-fives safe online

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant believes good online habits should start early.

That’s why her focus for 2020 is to keep pre-schoolers cyber safe, with the help of the ABC’s Play School friends.    

The eSafety office has teamed up with Big Ted, Jemima and others to launch an Early Years program, designed especially for under-fives.

Parents are encouraged to share four simple messages to model good online safety habits – be safe, be kind, ask for help and make good choices.

As well, the following first steps can help you work towards a positive online start for your child:

Use a Family Tech Agreement
A Family Tech Agreement can be downloaded from the eSafety website. Play School characters help younger children understand the boundaries around the use of devices like tablets or smart TVs. Older siblings, parents and grandparents can also use it to model good habits.

Choose good online content
Good quality content is key to ensuring under-fives get the most out of their screen time. Age appropriate apps, shows and games can be found on the eSafety website. Co-viewing also helps to better understand what your child is experiencing online.

Use parental controls
These controls can be found on most devices, and can also be downloaded or bought.  The eSafety website lists the many control tools, including filters, available.

More parent resources will roll out this year. In the meantime, the best protection is you, the parent, being actively involved in encouraging your pre-schooler’s good online safety habits.




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