Tips on raising boys

Recently a group of leading parenting experts were asked for their top tips and advice for parents raising boys.

We thought we would share them with the Understanding Boys community.

John Cowan, Writer, Speaker Broadcaster, Parenting Place

Firm, fair and friendly is the best motto for raising boys.

  • Firm is saying no, but not being harsh.
  • Fair is listening to boys and acknowledging that they are becoming more mature.
  • Friendly is being the most warm, loving and affectionate person in their world.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child and Adolescent Psychologist 

  • Choose your battlegrounds.
  • Ensure open and honest two-way communication.
  • Enforce consistent consequences for poor choices.

Nigel Latta, Psychologist and Author

Parenting is a long and continuous process. Each child is unique and requires individual consideration.

  • Invest in your relationship with them in the early years to establish a solid foundation in their adolescence.
  • Reassure them you have their best interests at heart.
  • Be fair and allow them to make mistakes along the way.

Dr Emma Woodward, Clinical Director, NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience 

  • Observe who they are and nurture their talents.
  • Create opportunities for them to learn about things themselves.
  • Emphasise the value of kindness and sensitivity.
  • Encourage emotional expression and vulnerability and teach them to talk about their feelings to ensure good mental health.


More information on raising boys can be found at SchoolTV.



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