Lessons from the longest running study into male happiness

So many studies have been done into, and articles written about, the secrets to long-term happiness. But the Harvard Study of Adult Development stands out from the crowd.

Not simply because the study gives front-row seats on the lives of 724 men from varying backgrounds, but because it has studied these men for 78 years, recording the real-life ripple effect of thousands of choices and circumstances.

And of course, as Harvard’s study looks at men only, its findings are particularly interesting for us parents of boys.

So far, the study has yielded more than 100 published papers, with enough data for scores more. However, this article published on Ideas at TED focuses on just 4 lessons from the study – all of which bring us back to the same conclusion: happiness and wellbeing in men (and boys) rely on a life filled not with money, power or prestige, but with good relationships.

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