Are you raising your son to be kind?

I often tell my son that I want him to be happy. I also tell him that it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses, as long as he does his best.

But how often do I talk to my son about the importance of being kind?

Probably not enough. I intervene if I hear him being unkind, but I don’t teach him how to be kind, and I certainly don’t praise him enough when he is kind.

I have had quite a few other parents tell me how great my son is at reading or maths, but the greatest compliments have been about how my son included the new kid in a game, stood up for someone who was being picked on, and comforted a classmate who was upset.

So while it’s good to know that the seeds of being a caring, respectful, ethical adult are already present in my son, my job as a parent is to nurture these seeds into full bloom. This article is a good reminder and offers some great tips on teaching kids about kindness. I’m off to get my ‘gardening’ gloves on…


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