Seasons: Season 3

Hear Matt and Robyn’s inspirational story to honour their son’s life by bringing about a world free from the coward punch.

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Dr Zac Seidler is the Director of Mental Health Training at Movember whose goal is to help reduce male suicide worldwide.

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Paul Roos

June 3rd, 2022 by Arthur Le

In a 30 year career, Paul Roos has been an Australian Rules Football player, Head Coach, media broadcaster and men’s wellness advocate, he talks to us about fatherhood and what he has learnt.

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Dennis talks about his quest to fulfil the shortcomings around health care for adolescents and young adult males.

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Jon Muir

March 10th, 2022 by Arthur Le

Jon talks about his adventures and about listening to his heart.

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Dr Margie talks to us about balancing work life as a parent, raising healthy boys and about vaccination, health and impact of the global pandemic.

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Award-Winning actor, Alex shares his thoughts on change and challenge, what it’s like to be a performer and about finding your voice.

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Emma tells her own story, and talks about being a mum, the challenges she has faced, and what we can gain by thinking about not only who we are but how we think about who we are

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Hunter talks about boys and their relational capabilities and creating authentic spaces for kids.

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Dr King shares ideas around prevention, conversations and resources for parents.

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