by Kristen Molloy

Help Your Year 12 Child Recharge

As we reach the end of a busy first term, many of our Year 12s are tired. They are ready to relax. They want a sleep in. And so they should! It is vitally important over this holiday period that students have the space and permission to refresh and recharge. 

Some students might also be looking forward to the holidays so they can catch up on missed work, reset and prepare for next term. This is important as well.

Here are some tips to help support your Year 12 child to make the most of the holiday period:

1. Make a plan

Many students say they like to spend the first few days completely relaxing, and then allocate specific days for study in the following weeks. By putting these times in a calendar or planner, it means the work is not looming over them. They can enjoy their time off because they know when they are going to work.

2. Get organised

Stress can often be alleviated by knowing what is coming up when and allocating time appropriately. Encourage boys to organise their notes, complete subject planners, and hang a wall planner somewhere prominent.

3. Revise

The science of learning tells us that if we complete a topic in Term 1 and then do not look at it again until the exam at the end of the year, much of that learning will be lost. Students should make time to review and revise Term 1 content and skills.

4. Read

Reading widely helps with vocabulary development, comprehension and general fluency. If you are so inclined, you can read your child’s English texts with them which may lead to interesting dinner conversations.

5. Talk about goals

The holidays are a great time to re-evaluate goals. Ask your son to reflect honestly on how he has applied himself this term. Are his work habits serving him? Is he doing too many shifts at work? Is it time to give up the X-Box for a time? How has he been feeling?

Finally, the holidays are an important time to reconnect with friends and family. Encourage your children to spend time doing things they love. Help them to sleep well. Eat well. Make some time for exercise. It’s a great time to set up the habits that support them and make them feel good!

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Kristen Molloy is the Associate Head of the Crowther Centre, Literacy and Engagement at Brighton Grammar School, an all-boys school in Melbourne. She is the mother of two boys. This article is about