5 easy DIY Halloween costumes for boys


Hands up who’s left organising Halloween costumes until the last minute again? Yep, me too. 

But don’t panic fellow parents. I’ve trawled the internet to come up with 5 scarily simple and freakily unique boys’ Halloween costumes. These ideas should earn your son a few extra treats, and you some serious creativity credits with the neighbours. 

The Hipster

All you need is a button-up shirt, skinny jeans, take out coffee cup, thick framed glasses, and of course, a crochet beard. The man bun is optional. The attitude is not. 

hipster Halloween costume

Photo credit: Ladyland


The Jedi

Here’s a costume your son may actually want to wear, and the smaller your boys are, the cuter it looks. All you need is a pair of Uggs, lightsaber and this easy-to-DIY Jedi robe and tunic.


Photo credit: Armelle Blog


Elliott from E.T.

This costume is so easy you’ll want to phone home about it.


Photo credit: Bicycle Store


Prince angel

With a dash of purple velvet, lace and leather, some blingy jewellery, a cardboard guitar and a pair of angel wings, your little Prince can pay his respects to the music legend in the sky.


Photo credit: Ladyland


Little lumberjack

Checked shirt, braces and jeans. This look is super easy and boys will love the cardboard axe. The secret to the little lumberjack look is the fleece beard, which you can learn how to make here.

DIY Halloween costumes boys lumberjack

Photo credit: Make It Love It


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