by Jordan Piano

Why gardening is great for boys


In recent years, gardening with children in schools has become very popular. But does gardening really benefit them?

Here are six good reasons why gardening is great for your boys.

1. Gardening expands knowledge

Boys are naturally curious and with the power of their imagination, everything they see, hear, smell and feel in a garden will open a new world of learning. 

Their interests are captured in recognising and naming vegetables, fruits and flowers and getting up close and personal with the various bugs and grubs in the soil or on plants. This works especially well when they are allowed to ‘get their hands dirty’. 

2. Encourages healthy eating

Growing food in the  garden supports a positive change in the eating habits of children. When they grow it they  are happier and more willing to both cook it and eat it!  It’s a perfect way to get your son on the path to a healthy diet. In fact, gardening may be an effective solution to fussy eaters. 

3. Develops positive attitude

Gardening helps children to learn and experience valuable life lessons at their young age. Patience is one of these virtues developed as they eagerly wait for their vegetables and crops to grow.

While having fun in digging and getting dirty, boys learn to be responsible and mindful in putting the necessary care to the garden. Plants that may have been diseased or killed by weeds teaches a child that some things just don’t work out, and that the best thing to do is to replant and try again. Even the loss felt when flowers die or go out of season is a valuable and important lesson that is learnt in a light-hearted way through gardening.

4. Improves confidence and sense of self

Self-confidence is developed when their goals are achieved such as being able to successfully grow a plant or a whole garden. It also gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishment.  

5. Creates positive bond with parents and family

Gardening becomes a wonderful and productive family project filled with learning and fun. And yes, they will not only enjoy the act of gardening but also the time they spend with you.

6. A great way to exercise

Physical skills, such as coordination and fine motor skills, are improved when boys get involved in gardening.  The simple act of pulling weeds, digging soil, carrying watering cans, and placing garden stuff increases physical activity and encourages muscle and bone growth.

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