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Why are children so stressed?

Illustration by Gizem Vural

Illustration by Gizem Vural

A recent Four Corners documentary explored why our children are more stressed than ever. Childhood and teenage angst is the stuff of legend: songs, films, books, entire careers are built on it. Parents live it, and most kids eventually get over it. Or so it was in the past. Today, one in four Australian kids say they worry about the future constantly.

Cyber bullying and depression rates are at disturbing levels. Why, at a time when we’re healthier and wealthier than ever as a nation, are our kids feeling so anxious and stressed?

“Doing well in school, getting a good job and providing for a family, if I have one.”

Zach, 12

In this touching episode, Australian kids take us inside their world to talk about their hopes, dreams and fears:

“I’m going to fail every test, apparently.”

Teresa, 16

In frank, funny and sometimes heartbreaking conversations, kids aged from 12 to 19, from many different backgrounds, talk about the pressures they face: In a world that often talks about kids or to them, this is a chance to hear what they say.


“Fathers tell boys to, you know, suck it up … but it does all add up eventually and you can just crack.”

Lliam, 15

You can view the episode and read the full transcript on the ABC Website

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