by Megan De Beyer

Six Conscious Parenting Principles

How to deepen your connection to self and others through conscious intention. 

  1. Refine your parenting vision and intention

Reflect on the expectations you hold for your teenager. Write down your personal ‘parent’ intentions. What are your aspirations as a parent? This isn’t about you deciding what your child should be. Rather, it’s about how YOU would like to show up as a parent. What are your most important values, and how can you live those values?

  1. Follow through – unconditionally

How can you realise your parenting aspirations? What life or personal changes must you make to attain your highest values as a parent? Remember to look inwards before pointing fingers outwards. 

  1. Take agency as a parent

Your actions should reveal to your child that you are the adult in the room. Ask yourself – what does it mean to be fully engaged, active, and responsible as a parent? Discover your authentic value and style. Ensure your ‘yes is a yes’ and ‘no is a no’. If you are honest, open, and operate with your core intention in mind- how does this feel? Can you allow your child and family to have their own style or beliefs, yet still unapologetically express yours?

  1. Lighten up!

Don’t take everything personally. Learn to laugh at yourself and let things go. Focus on what really matters.

  1. Practice sincerity

Discover how to be secure in your position as a parent, and feel firm in your decisions. Discover how to discern good choices- without judgement of yourself or others. If you come from your core intent, this allows you to find meaning in your actions.

  1. Be a good steward of your life & your family life

Practice kindness. Learn about unconditional love. Nurture and nourish yourself first, so that you can embody your best self in your family.


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