by Peter Furey

Resilience (or bungy-jumping through life)


While life presents many opportunities for achievement, success and happiness, the reality is that occasionally we face disappointment.

It might be a poor result on a test or report, missing out on getting into a sporting team or even a negative social interaction. You may even be a Richmond supporter like me and be confronted with ongoing disappointment!

One of the most important tasks we have as parents and teachers is to instil resilience in our boys.

We would all love to inoculate our children against adversity and shield them from hurt, but they need to be able to independently deal with the curve balls that life throws. Some boys are naturally more resilient than others, but the good thing is that we can teach resilience skills.

Here are a few tips to promote resilience:
1. Make connections
2. Help your child by having him or her help others
3. Maintain a daily routine
4. Take a break
5. Teach your child self-care
6. Move toward your goals
7. Nurture a positive self-view
8. Keep things in perspective and maintain a hopeful outlook
9. Look for opportunities for self-discovery
10. Accept that change is part of living.

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Peter Furey is a specialist teacher of boys for over 20 years with a passion for wellbeing. This article is about