by Joanne Davies

How to raise a reader

There are a number of simple but effective ways you can help your Prep-Year 2 son at home with his reading and writing.

Tips for Prep

  • Read a picture book each day to your son and discuss the storyline, pointing out new words to develop their vocabulary
  • Play language games (ask your son’s teacher for some ideas if needed)
  • Talk about letters and sounds seen in their environment
  • When take home books are sent home, spend time listening to your son read and provide support when required
  • Books can be read several times to build confidence and fluency

Tips for Year 1

  • Help your son to spell the tricky words
  • When reading, if your son gets stuck on a word, give him the word and ask him to repeat it
  • When your son gets stuck at on a new word, encourage him to have a go sounding out the word
  • When reading confidently, encourage him to think about meaning to self-correct
  • Talk about stories you read as a child

Tips for Year 2

  • When your son is reading at home, give him a few seconds to self-correct
  • Ask questions to check for understanding
  • Ask your son to summarise the story or discuss any themes from the text
  • Read chapter books to your son, it is a valuable way to develop vocabulary


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