What no one tells you about parenting a teenage boy

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Anyone else got a 6-going-on-16-year-old? My friend and I have been bemoaning our grade 1 sons’ ‘I-don’t-care-you-can’t-make-me’ attitudes lately. Neither of us were expecting the back chat until the teenage years.

But by associating unpleasant behaviour with teens, albeit in jest, are we doing our future adolescent sons a disservice? Are teenage boys really all big attitudes and even bigger appetites?

Apparently not (well, not all the time anyway).

It’s refreshing to find an article that celebrates the joy of having a teenage boy. I may not be quite ready to give up my Lego loving, affectionate 6-year-old – and a bit less back chat would be nice – but writer and mum of two Lori Garcia’s post has made me look forward to the “magic and madness” of the teenage years. Garcia has filled her post with humour, and most importantly, love and respect for her son.

This will be your boy soon. I challenge you to read on without tearing up.


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